Monday, June 21, 2010

Calabash, Brittany, and Sassy Girl

Hey everyone tomorrow I will be flying out to Chicago to meet Calabash on Wed and I am so exited. I hope that I have the chance to work with these guys they have a lot of great work. Also, I spoke with Zar through email and she had a suggestion for me. She thought that I should do more anatomy based Character art so I went down to the local coffee/book store and started sketching. This drawing of my friend Brittany and this girl were some of the designs I liked the most. As always thanks for looking and I will keep everyone updated on Calabash.


  1. I like these a lot. Very cute. :D

    I had a dream last night that a movie concept you came up with got picked up to be made into an animated film.

  2. thnx Paulina

    Oh that is so cool I hope that happens soon :) Miss
    you Paulina!

  3. You capture Brittany very well :D She seems like a lovely person.