Monday, June 14, 2010

Chinese Composite Shot

So one of my goals coming out of college is working on my environments. So aside from working on finishing this side up i decided to devote some time to creating some new pieces. This is an image I thought up while watching the karate kid. I had lots of fun painting this picture and enjoyed looking for a color palette that made things look wet. Well everyone enjoy and go see Karate Kid it is so sweet!


  1. I love how you problem solved the raindrops. This environment really does remind me of China, with all of its little details. What is that object in the foreground?

  2. it is a table i found in a reference image it is turned over, thanks i was trying to stay simple with the rain.

  3. great stuff Zane. I love the guy, especially his arms and hands. my favorite part is probably the unicycle with the basket, nice touch

  4. thanks for the comment dude
    always cool to hear from other artists.
    keep it up dude, there's a lot of cool stuff here.