Saturday, July 17, 2010

High-Falutin' Scuba Divers

Hey everyone I know that it is late but here it is Austin Madison's Chades Challenge. Sorry for not getting it posted earlier I am bogged down with trying to finish my demo reel. And be sure to check out Austin's it is hilarious! Thanks for watching!


  1. Wow! I love it! There's so much rhythm and nice straights against curves with her whole body.

  2. SOMEONE LOOKS LIKE THEY'VE BEEN WATCHING BRUCE TIMM :D I don't know if you have or not, but you're getting the same awesome shape quality with all those straights and curves and her overall silhouette that he does. WAWSOOOME!!!

  3. Bwa ha ha! Is she meeting a handsome merman down there?! Any scuba diving diva should know that liquid waterproof make up is the way to go! XD

  4. Dan: Thanks I am glad you like them

    Lane: Thanks Lane i was try to push the straits against curves

    Lauren: I should watch Bruce Tim! Thanks!

    Lady: Why yes she is and all her other make-up is water proof she just forgot the blush