Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Animation Demo Reel!

Zane Yarbrough-2D animator from Zane Yarbrough on Vimeo.

Hey Everyone CTN is Fast approaching, and I thought what better time to post my animation work for all you to see. I cant wait to start putting some new animations together I have a few characters that I have been wanting to animate for quite sometime now. Well I hope that everyone enjoys my demo reel and please feel free to tell me what you think. Pass along some luck for CTN!


  1. I love it, Zane! You're doing an awesome job! I'm absolutely loving the diner girl!!

  2. Nice work on the Chades Challenge, man! I wanted to work the actual Frankenberry into one of my gags, but the best idea I could come up with was better suited for a trick-r-treater dressed as him.

    Great work on your demo reel, too. I love the build in emotion for Leia. The expressions are nice and pushed. One thing you might want to make clearer is your character's thought process. It would be nice to have a moment before Leia launches into her line to watch her become offended. Remember to animate thoughts, not dialogue. Excellently animated, though. Keep it up!

  3. great animation! I'm going to CTN for the first time this year with a friend, cool to see so many great artists going.