Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey everyone, sorry I've been MIA for a while I had a difficult freelance project to finish on top of my internship. What better way to get back to blogging then with a Chades Challenge
check out Austin's and Megan's here


  1. Awesome as always Zane! Something about this fella reminds me of brer fox. Way to channel the classic Disney charm!

  2. I guess now I know what a Texas Curling Shark is. XD

  3. Love the sketch work! Nothing like a good challenge to spur creativity.

  4. Hi Zane!!!
    Wonderful art work!
    I love your blog! Very inspiring!
    I am currently exhibiting at comicom, san diego.
    On my way back to the hotel, i met you'r mom on the trolly ride back.
    She is so proud of you, and so she should be!!
    You are very talented and at the grand old age of 23 you have very strong draftsmanship! Not long and you'll get snapped up by Disney, im sure.
    (She told me that was your ambition)
    She mentioned you will be going out for dinner with the Disney folks on Friday nite... me too!! SO, it will be great to put a face to the name and catch up.
    If you want to stop by my booth and say 'hey', please do!!
    My booth is in section 'G' of the main convention hall. I think im row 4700, exactly under a huge banner hanging from the roof reading "Fantasy art".
    I'm sharing my booth with an incredibly inspiring artist /friend, Craig Elliott. Im sure you will know of his work. He has worked for Disney for the last 15 years or as, as a Layout Artist/Vis Dev guy!!
    It will be great to meet you, as according to your mom, i think we have a lot in common. She mentioned how you specialise in backgrounds/ colour lay out etc, well me too!! :)

    Anyways, i looking forward to meeting ya!
    All the best,