Monday, March 12, 2012

Old Painting

This is an old painting I did a year ago now. it is a depiction of a coffee shop,from a story I am writing about a giant who looks like a evergreen tree that hides in a forrest making toys for a town he is afraid of. More on him later. I always liked this painting because I had a lot of fun making it, i hope it does something for you guys.


  1. Right off the bat, the colors are what pulled me in....they are really great. The whole piece is very warm and inviting. The character designs are also great.....despite being different designs, the characters feel united and like they are part of the same world. I think I can make out the creature in the back as well, adding a sense of mystery as to who he really is....Just an overall great piece!! :)

  2. Just pored over a lot of your posts because I hadn't checked out your blog in a while.. I really like this one! There's so much going on in this scene, and it makes me want to know more about the characters and their stories. If you ever want help proofreading or editing, let me know. I'm terrible at drawing, but I make a damn good copy editor.